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Ways to Improve Quality Life for Seniors in Canada

By Cynthia Hood  |  13 June 2018


Canada remains one of the countries with high life expectancy. The Canadian homes for seniors are responsible for many Canadian elders living past 80 years. The improved living environment in the elderly home together with other measures contribute to the healthy living of the seniors. Below are some ways that result in the quality living.

1. Use of Medical Technology

Canadian senior living homes provide wearable technology that monitors the health of the seniors. The medical gadgets monitor issues such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level among others. Chances of the seniors dying due to sudden causes like heart attack are very rare since the wearable technology detects the risk before danger happens.

2. Communicating with Family and Friends

While living in the senior residences, the elders get enough time to socialize with their loved ones especially family and friends. The social life of the seniors determines their living quality. Too much time away from family and friends causes loneliness which could lead to depression and possibly death.

3. One-on-One Interaction

The staff of the Canada senior homes makes time to listen carefully to each senior living in the residences. Listening to them may help come up with solutions to their issues. The old aged are somehow like babies. They need a person who listens to them and helps solve some of their issues. Knowing that they have people who support them also improves the quality of their living.

4. Prevent and Treat Psychological Disorders

The senior living homes put effort into treating and preventing psychological disorders. It is a sad fact that most individuals above the age of 65 suffer from mental disorders with depression being one of the most rampant. Through therapies, meditation and other forms of treatment, the lives of the seniors improve hence increasing their life expectancy.

5. Providing Internet Access

Social media platforms may seem insignificant, but they are miracle workers when it comes to making the lives of the seniors better. By using the platforms, they find interesting things to do which keeps them going. Even advising young internet users is helpful to them.


When people grow old, they become fragile, but that does not mean that they stop focusing on living a healthy life. Proper care for the elderly improves their quality of life and life expectancy. Canadian senior living homes gear towards creating better lives for the Canadian seniors by taking care of their health and creating a conducive and friendly environment for them.

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