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eMAR: The New Revolution of Medication Administration

By Cynthia Hood  |  19 November 2013

The implementation of Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) mar barcodehas brought about many positive changes in medication administration within hospitals, nursing homes and retirement retirement facilities. Since the advent of eMAR, most hospitals have noticed a reduction of 33% in medication administration along with saving of 45% time spent on documentation. eMAR makes everything automated – gathering, consolidating and presenting data much quicker than any manual system. It streamlines medication administration by reading barcodes on unit doses and ensures that the medical staff administers the right medicine to the right patient while ensuring accurate path of administration, dosage and time.

The barcode ensures that the patient’s medical records are stored in a safe and tamper-free manner. This feature can dramatically reduce errors and time spent on documenting each administration. Barcodes and eMAR have been known to save time and improve accuracy in healthcare, assisting nurses with a safety net during medication administration.

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