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MED e-care Blog

MED e-care Simple Migration

By Cynthia Hood  |  08 April 2015

Care Facilities are often concerned about the potential disruption that can be caused by changing their clinical system. However, when a practice migrates to MED e-care they can be confident that we will do everything it possibly can to make the migration process as easy as possible.

Based on the experience gained from installing many systems, we will make sure your migration is expertly managed and disruption is minimized. Every system migration includes:


  • Full project management
  • Pre-installation checks to make sure there are no last minute surprises
  • Trial data conversions to check the quality of the converted data
  • Minimal down time
  • A carefully planned training programme

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Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy – Key Gains

By Haydee Tuazon  |  04 December 2013

Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy

As the long-term care and retirement environments become increasingly more complex, ‘smart technology’ is a major key to meeting the needs of Residents in an efficient and safe manner.  Accordingly, when eMAR is successfully integrated with the pharmacy provider, the gains are considerable and include: reduction of medication errors, improvement in all the ‘5 Rs’, time savings for nurses and an overall increase in quality of care.

Benefits of eMAR and Integration with Pharmacy:

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