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Top Retirement Home Trends in 2018

By Brad Whittaker  |  24 September 2018


2018 is a year for developing new concepts for all industries, and that also means new predictions retirement home trends in Canada. Based on some research and study from various trusted sources, here is a breakdown of some of these major trends posed to shape the industry over the next few months:

Workforce and staffing

Working and staffing issues have become an issue of concern for retirement home providers due to changes in resident mix. To address this issue, operators have come up with pools of members of staff from whom they can obtain as much as desirable. For example, quite a few Hiring company has recently developed to cater for post-acute and long-term care.

Adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Seniors will now be able to access their care givers through web-based communications between healthcare providers and patients to ensure improved health care. EHRs have many advantages, and they are rapidly increasing in the world of retirement homes. For example, there are quite a few systems which not only enable electronic storage of medical information but also streamlined contact with families.


Also, there has been a continual adoption of technology among old-age living operatives in the prediction- and for beneficial reasons. With devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, seniors can utilize technology to switch the lights off, close their doors, control settings of appliances, create lists for shopping, and set verbal alerts. Technological support in retirement homes, like motion sensors, webcams, window and door sensors, motion sensors, reminders, emergency response devices, and a variety of video-calling devices do not need you to be computer literate to operate. Integrative and innovative programs that comprise of individuals of from all ages will burst out within the retirement sector of living, particularly retirement home. Retirement Home has transpired as a more reasonably priced choice for seniors.

Urban setting

2018’s construction boom for retirement homes has created a drive to incorporate senior living communities into skillfully-developed communities where facilities like fitness centers, dining areas, and salons face the public to inspire improved interaction with the society in general. For example, new senior resident homes are being built in areas with things that incite pride among residents who adore exclusive and personalized experience like restaurants and coffee houses.

Rooms with various uses and flexibility

Spaces with several uses and adaptability are still prevalent, but as an alternative to having spaces regarded as multipurpose, developers will explore services that they can conjoin to perform various roles. For example, they can combine a coffee shop and a library instead of having the two.

Smart and inclusive layouts

Innovative footprints and elegant design are two significant factors in 2018 retirement home trends. Seniors are not appealed by sterile and bare houses. With this in mind, various retirement home developers are starting to offer units in apartment styles with a larger size, and resembling but not representing traditional units. Senior residential apartments are becoming more customizable, and seniors are being involved in selecting their finishes of choice.



The other most common activities taking place in top retirement homes in Canada are literacy or language programs, reminiscence or oral history interviewing, health and wellness events, arts programming, and friendly visiting. These are excellent, but there need more innovative and substantive methods, like new models of housing and new partnerships.

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