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Personalized Care Approaches to Improve Resident Experience

By Jing Chen  |  30 August 2018


For an improved resident experience, it's essential that you engage the participants in making crucial decisions about their life. Thus, a personalized care system insists that the medical team become trustworthy and deliver safe and quality services for the patients for a long-lived resident experience. For this, the patients will exhibit satisfaction with the services. The approaches to adopt are:

Understand the patient

It is essential that the health providers understand the patient. Rendering an ear to the patient’s problems helps them establish a basis for the treatment. By this, it will get easier to refer to medical records on the history of a patient hence counter the recurrence of diseases. Also, it will get easy to, manage a patient when they realize you are there to offer an ear and come up-front with a solution.

Ensure patient’s engagement

Patients must get involved in their treatment. By this, you make them feel liable for taking their medications as instructed by the health providers. A personalized care system inducts the patient on their health issues. When the patient is aware of the maintenance, prevention, and the treatment schemes to be adopted, their confidence in the provider gets boosted.

Establishment of healthcare policies

Having patients under some health insurance policy makes them feel liable for seeking care. The patients feel secure that they will get their choice of treatment since they are covered. Unlike in cases whereby patients are not covered, they may feel victims of not getting quality attention in the health amenities.

Use diet, heartbeat and fitness apps

Ensure that the patient has the dieting, heartbeat tracking and the fitness app on their smartphones. This will act as a guide to refer to on their journey to recovery and prevention of diseases. Also, they will learn to practice a healthy lifestyle.

New models for disease diagnosis

With the advent of technology, the use of artificial intelligence machines has taken the Canadian market by storm. This way, the potential risks of a disease can get determined at an early stage. By this, the personalized care system will help ward off underlying future health problems.

The implementation of the personalized care system to acquire an improved resident experience entails the collaborative efforts of both the patients and the healthcare providers. By this, the medical team will easily keep track of the patient’s well being.

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