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By Alana Rennie  |  25 April 2018


The following is a brief list of who and what the Administrator and Director of Nursing of a long-term care home in Ontario is accountable to:

  • Long Term Care Homes Act and Regulations
  • Long Term Care Homes Inspection Protocols and Annual Inspections by up to 3 inspectors for up to 10 days.
  • Complaint Inspection – with phone numbers to the ministry posted within the home, anyone can call to complain about anything, accurate or not, and remain anonymous which may bring in an Inspector.
  • Critical Incident Reporting – anything untoward that happens within the home is reported to the ministry (i.e. resident admitted to hospital with a fractured hip, complaints that cannot be resolved expediently and so much more).
  • Critical Incident Inspections – once specific critical incidents are reported or a certain number have been filed, it may trigger a Ministry inspector to investigate.
  • WSIB regulations and legislated requirements
  • Ministry of Labour legislation and requirements
  • Ministry of Labour Annual Inspection
  • Ministry of Labour Complaint Inspection
  • Annual Fire Department Inspection
  • Fire Department Annual Fire Drill
  • Human Rights Legislation and requirements
  • LHIN demands and expectations
  • Ministry of Health Financial Branch – annual staffing report, annual financial statements, impact of reconciliation process, and more.
  • Documentation requirements and impact on CMI for next year’s funding
  • Staff issues and concerns
  • Union Grievances (often multiple unions in one home)
  • Union/Management Meeting
  • Union Contract negotiations
  • Family Council
  • Resident Family Members
  • Residents Council
  • Residents
  • Accreditation
  • Board/Head Office

Although extensive it is not complete. Despite all of this, you do what you do with passion, commitment and dedication. You have raised the bar in Quality, Personalized Care. Compliments from all at MED e-Care for a job well done!

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