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Five Most Used Technologies in Assisted Living Communities

By Brad Whittaker  |  03 July 2018

tech in assisted living

Contrary to what most people think, baby boomers are actually knowledgeable on computer stuff. Baby boomers, in this context, refers to elderly people. Elderly people are increasingly using the Internet and other exciting technologies. Discussed below are five of the technologies that individuals in assisted living systems frequently use.

 1.Tablets and iPads

Senior people in assisted living communities use iPads or tablets as tools for entertainment. The devices help them read, listen to music and learn different languages. The devices also come in lightweight sizes and feature sensitive touch screens to improve the user experience.

2. Video and Computer Games

Video and computer games are popular among elderly people living in assisted living facilities. The games help to improve their physical health, mental agility and conditions. Video or computer games such as Nintendo Wii and Angry Birds also prove to promote social interaction amongst baby boomers.

3. WiFi

The inception of wireless Internet, popularly known as WiFi, made it easier for people to surf the web. Aged individuals in assisted living communities also benefit from this technology. Their communities have WiFi installed to improve communication between them and their care providers.

4.Video Calls

Skype is the most popular video calling service that most aged people in assisted living facilities use. The elderly individuals access the service through their smartphones or computers. Skype allows them to communicate with their loved ones in real-time regardless of their location.

5. Smartboards and Flat Screen TVs

Smartboards and large flat screen TVs enable the residents of assisted living communities to watch videos such as travel videos. The devices also give elderly individuals with hearing loss to watch video clips of things they enjoy. Assisted living facilities use the devices to improve engagement amongst the residents and entertain them at the same time. 



Just like the millennials, the baby boomers are savvy when it comes to using the latest technologies. They appreciate how technologies such as wireless Internet and computer games are improving their social lives. Such technologies also help them connect with the outside world as discussed above.

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