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eMAR - The Nurse Perspective

By Cynthia Hood  |  17 December 2013

nurse-iconThe electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) uses technology to improve Resident safety, regulate the keeping of records documentation and improve workflow and operational efficiencies. It negates the requirement for manual order entry and eliminates errors due to transcription.


Benefits for Nurses

eMAR brings a number of benefits to nurses:
  • eMAR provides information to help reduce the possibility of adverse medication effects such as allergy and drug interactions through visual notes. eMAR also prompts nurses to check the vitals of a Resident before the medication is administered. All in all, it saves time and is easy to use.
  • eMAR offers a time stamp feature. If nurses work with paper MARs, most will scribble the time of administration next to the medication. If a medication is due for 8:00AM, then the nurse will actually administer medication at any time near the scheduled time. As it is not always possible for the nurse to give the meds at exactly 8:00AM, it could be as late as 9:00AM. Therefore, the time stamping capability saves nurses from having to document the exact medication time, and allows them to focus on the actual administration of the medication.
  • Medications to be administered on a MED pass can easily be sorted by Resident or time due. eMAR displays Resident photos during the MED pass and lessens time for medical administration. It ensures the integrity of the 5Rs - Right Resident, Right medication, Right Dose, Right Time and Right Route of administration.
  • Medications can be administered, recorded and updated anywhere in the healthcare facility, be it the dining room, bedroom or bedside. All eMAR updates are done in real-time, and the information is immediately available to other medical staff.
  • Resident medications can be referenced in any parameter - alerts, allergies, history, at any point in real-time and this can be done quickly. eMAR allows nurses to customize alerts specific to their requirements. Notes can be flagged based a number of factors, including individual drug, drug class, or Resident gender for examples.

eMAR offers nurses and other authorized staff an expeditious online process for the charting of medication administration, with overall benefits of reducing error, increasing efficiencies and improving the quality of Resident care.


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