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eMAR Advantages in a Nutshell

By Cynthia Hood  |  30 December 2013

emar-tabletThe electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) is a software designed to replace paper based MARs. When eMAR is used, it becomes possible for healthcare facilities to get rid of a number of paper centric processes, like the monthly reconciliation of physician order sheets decreasing costs by decreasing staff workloads. It can also lessen adverse drug events linked with errors in transcription. In addition to improved finances and workflows, the number one benefit for implementing eMAR is improved Resident safety.


Advantages of eMAR


In a paper centric MAR environment, nurses generally utilize a medication cart and a big book of paper MARs to complete each MED pass. In contrast, when they use eMAR, nurses utilize a thin client computer or laptop on the cart for recording the Medication Administration information.


The eMAR application offer nurses a list of Residents for selection, and after a Resident is chosen, the list of medications to be given appears on the computer screen. Nurses can then go ahead with the administration of drugs, making sure to verify the screen information with drugs from the cart and then documenting the completed administration in eMAR.


eMAR is simply a more advantageous option than paper centric MAR. It informs nurses of all medications to be given in an organized manner and the improved communication between staff and pharmacy negates opportunities for medication errors.


eMAR is more efficient compared to paper based MARs because:

  • Quicker MED passes.
  • Use is simple and straight forward.
  • Leads to a significant reduction in errors through real-time updates from pharmacy.
  • The nurse or physician can instantly view missed or late MED passes.
  • An improved adherence to and compliance with medication procedures and policies.
  • Management reports are easily generated to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Possible to have remote access from any place with an internet connection.
  • PRN medications can be re-ordered quickly and accurately.
  • All medication history is visible at the touch of a button.


  • Real-time recording, documenting and viewing.
  • Treatments (B.P, weight checks) are accurately recorded.
  • Tasks and reminders are scheduled for medical staff.
  • Recent variations to a Resident’s medications are flagged.
  • Integrates completely with EHR (Electronic Health Record)

eMAR automates everything – gathering, consolidating and presenting data with more speed and accuracy than any manual system. Reduction in medication errors, simplified processes, times savings, cost decreases and ultimately a higher standard of Resident care make a solid case for eMAR implementation.


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What is eMAR?


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