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EHR Implementation: How to Train Your Staff

By Cynthia Hood  |  27 February 2014

ehr_trainingWhen introducing new systems like EHR, you may face some resistance from your staff. Transitioning from a paper based record system to an electronic one is not always easy and requires a little effort. Introducing a new health record system for physicians and nurses should ideally be combined with proper training for the staff. Special training to adapt to EHR is not just helpful, but often necessary to ensure that your home adopts the new system to its fullest extent. With a planned training process in place, you can reduce errors, setbacks, employee turnover as well as other problems and facilitate a smooth change from paper to EHR.


Here are a few simple strategies you can adopt to make the best of your training program:


Identify current computer literacy levels

The first step to introducing electronic health records into your organization is to determine how tech savvy your staff really is. You can take help from several online computer tests to determine their competence and comfort in using different computer applications. Start by narrowing down the list to people who urgently require basic computer training and get them started on the program. Meanwhile, list down the skills and techniques your employees should learn to benefit from the EHR system and plan each training session accordingly.


Designate top performers

If you are a modern medical provider, there is a very high chance of having employees who are comfortable with most computer applications and can easily adapt to the new EHR system. Designate a few people as super users and make them responsible to assist other staff during training. The employees most suitable for this role include those who are computer literate, fast learners, excited about EHR, reliable employees, well respected, good leaders, helpful and cooperative. You can also offer special incentives or bonuses to employees to fill in this role.


Teach only the practical aspects

To make the best of your training program, it is important not to waste time on learning every single feature or function of the new system. Teaching the entire system is not only time consuming, but also unrealistic and unnecessary. As long as your staff knows how to use the features of the system, it is considered adequate. Train your employees to use only features that are necessary on a day-to-day basis. If there are specific employees who use other features, set up separate training sessions for them. 


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