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Don't Resist Change, Embrace It

By Alana Rennie  |  02 November 2017


Change is the norm of our times. It is occurring exponentially. Whether we are asked to change what we do or how we do it, to undertake a project or to implement new software, how we respond to a change request determines how successful we will be.

When Change Gurus identify the 5 or 10 ways to embrace change, they share with us excellent guidelines on how to become successful. However, there are two very fundamental components involving change that determine whether these guidelines or any skills you have will allow you to be successful — your emotional response and your mindset when confronting a change request. 

Responding to a change request by saying “I cannot or will not do this” results in a defeatist or resistive posturing and an emotional response of frustration. Each of these responses intensifies any stress that may be associated with the change request. When this mindset and emotional state are in play, creative thinking and imagination are squelched. Once that occurs, the steps to be successful are contaminated by one’s emotion and negativity, which elevates the stress associated with the change request, a vicious cycle which leads to the standard stress responses — fight, flight, apathy, or problem solving. Fighting is doing everything possible to negate the change. Flight is openly avoiding not doing what is required. Apathy is passivity or giving lip service and doing the least possible, staying under the radar but not contributing to resolution. Problem solving is getting on with it. 

When working in any organization and a manager (or the Ministry of Health) requests change — a fight, flight or apathy response can have serious negative consequences. A person may hide for a time, but will at some point be exposed. It is always curious why someone in an organization believes they will not at some point be held accountable for their actions or inactions.

Those who succeed with any change request have a different and healthier mindset — I can do this. When that decision is made, it generates confidence and opened-mindedness which feeds creativity. Now the 5 or 10 steps offered by the Change Gurus will work beautifully. “Get on with it” must be our mantra because it reflects our reality.

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