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Celebrating You - Retirement Home and Long Term Care

By Alana Rennie  |  07 December 2017


Having fun? There is no question that Retirement Homes and Long Term Care are becoming more complex. In many instances for both industries, there is:

  • a higher acuity level of care requiring a more skilled workforce,
  • the need for more sophisticated resources, i.e. clinical software, physiotherapy services, etc.
  • increasing scrutiny from government ministries,
  • and a higher demand for customer service.

But look past all of these. There are few industries where you can:

  • Develop intimate, long term relationships with its clientele,
  • Have such a profound influence on enhancing the quality of life of so many seniors,
  • Find the work day as rewarding as it is challenging,
  • Create smiles and sooth tears,
  • Become surrogate family members,
  • Have fun and laugh as part of their job description.

Those who do not see the rewards gained from working in these settings, do not understand the significance and value of what they do. Whether you work in administration, nursing, dietary, housekeeping or any other role, look around you. First, you work with very caring people. Second, you make a difference no matter your role.

When things seem stressful, take a moment to walk the halls. Relish in the “hellos” from so many, the “thank you for stopping by” or “I have not seen you for awhile”. Listen to the stories, the jokes and the praise. Celebrate your successes! Celebrate the difference you make in the lives of others! What a great industry to be working in. 

We at MED e-care also want to celebrate you! It takes special people to do special things for others. It is the time of year where we celebrate the holidays. Make sure celebrating you is part of that equation. Our most heartfelt thank you for what you do! ♡


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