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Branding in Long-Term Care: Reinforcing the Message

By Jing Chen  |  23 August 2017


All organizations create a culture, some better defined than others. However, not all organizations convert their culture into a Brand that reinforces the message of that culture.

Long-Term care is a competitive market. Although there is little need to market to potential customers (excluding private pay retirement homes), there is a constant competition to recruit and retain staff. In many instances, there is little difference in pay and benefits from one home to another in the same community. So what draws staff and more importantly what keeps staff at one site. It is a simple fact – the culture within that organization. The stronger the culture the more attractive the work environment.

So what is the function of Branding? “Branding has necessarily two dimensions: (i) identification, and (ii) significant differences from others.Dr. Khandoker Rahman, Khandoker Marketing Blog

There are many examples of Cultural Branding. One facility showed a youtube video called “The Power of Teamwork - Geese flying in a Λ formation” to all of its staff. It is a powerful video and became a way to reinforce or brand the culture within that home. “Honk, honk” is the mantra for that culture and communicated loudly at the end of every planning or problem solving event.

Another facility utilized two theme songs “We are Family” by Sister Sledge and “Celebration” by Cool & the Gang. The messages from those songs were highly reflective of the culture within that organization. They were played at every event (social, education or planning). Although all groaned when they began, smiles formed on the faces of staff as soon as they heard them.

Creating a logo that represents the culture rather than just the company name communicates volumes. Placing that logo on giveaways to staff – golf shirts considered acceptable dress while working, pens, mugs, etc. reinforces that culture repeatedly.

How about your facility? What is your Brand?


Reference: Dr. Rahman, K. (2011, July 8). Can anything be branded? Should everything be branded? [Blog post]. Retrieved from

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