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Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy – Key Gains

By Haydee Tuazon  |  04 December 2013

Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy

As the long-term care and retirement environments become increasingly more complex, ‘smart technology’ is a major key to meeting the needs of Residents in an efficient and safe manner.  Accordingly, when eMAR is successfully integrated with the pharmacy provider, the gains are considerable and include: reduction of medication errors, improvement in all the ‘5 Rs’, time savings for nurses and an overall increase in quality of care.

Benefits of eMAR and Integration with Pharmacy:

  • Seamless integration with existing pharmacy records.
  • Medication order accuracy significantly increases – reduces and often eliminating the monthly reviews.
  • Real-time audit and QA reports for Nurses and Administrators.
  • Medications are displayed and available immediately after Pharmacy has entered the information.
  • A guided MED pass with Resident picture identification is generated.
  • Medical staff have the ability to reorder, put on hold and even discontinue in real-time for all medications for all residents; this means pharmacy has immediate access to updates and new orders.
  • eMAR is easy to implement and use for both the pharmacy and facility.
  • Both pharmacy and facility accomplish more in less time!

Seamless Integration


In a typical example, the process may begin with the physician calling or faxing in a new prescription for a Resident, to the nurse.  The nurse then sends this order to the pharmacy.  Pharmacy then processes the order using their own pharmacy software.  The order then seamlessly flows across into eMAR and the medication is sent via scheduled delivery. This example represents one out of possibly hundreds of daily eMAR transactions in just one facility.


Processes performed through eMAR allow the nurse to have more time for Resident care rather than completing the order on a paper MAR and offers a higher degree of safety for all Residents.


With a full pharmacy integrated eMAR, all processes are managed on a shared database and a single platform. All medication activities are captured in real-time providing access to the most current data for both pharmacy and medical personnel. With error rates significantly reduced, and up-to-date information on hand at all times, the result for the Resident, the centre of the circle, is the best possible treatment of unified care.


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