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eMAR: The New Revolution of Medication Administration

By Cynthia Hood  |  19 November 2013

The implementation of Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) mar barcodehas brought about many positive changes in medication administration within hospitals, nursing homes and retirement facilities. Since the advent of eMAR, most hospitals have noticed a reduction of 33% time savings in the administration of medication along with saving 45% time spent on documentation. eMAR makes everything automated – gathering, consolidating and presenting data are much quicker than any manual system. It streamlines medication administration and ensures that the medical staff administers the right medicine to the right patient while ensuring accurate path of administration, dosage and time.

Some of the key eMAR features include flexible functions for clinical screening and documentation, connective interfaces with related clinical information systems, witness capabilities, flexible access and authorization settings. It can greatly reduce errors, omissions and delays in administering medication through timely alerts and recording of data for each dosage. In terms of documentation and screening functions, eMAR can offer information on first dose response, problem lists, pain scales, follow-up for pain scales, prep mode to assist nurses in different forms of therapy, as well as core measures.  

Why is eMAR the future of medication administration?

There are many benefits provided by a method like eMAR. Not only is it easy to use, it also improves workflow management and improves patient safety. With the help of eMAR, nurses and medical staff can perform the '5 rights’ check perfectly and document all observations without a margin of error. eMAR also facilitates accurate clinical screening. By using eMAR, nursing homes and retirement facilities can make use of its many features including touch screen functionality, flexible access options like stationary computers, hand-held devices; tablet PCs, PDAs and laptops.

eMAR allows true customization by providing the feel of printed MAR with user defined regulations. It also provides alerts when necessary and is especially useful in cases of emergencies. This simple yet innovative technology allows you to seamlessly integrate workflow management by integrating all necessary data onto one status board. It can simplify functions like workload management, creating reports, charge administration, and report omissions and near misses without fail.

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