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Online MAR vs Offline MAR – What is The Difference?

By Cynthia Hood  |  12 November 2013

marcompare When you are in the field of medicine and healthcare, an updated Medication Administration Record (eMAR) makes your job easier and increases safety for everyone. It also ensures minimal mistakes and optimum efficiency in administering medication to patients. Whether it's in a hospital, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility, a proper electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) keeps a track of the medications and treatments each resident receives. One critical decision is choosing whether you should start using the online eMAR system or the offline eMAR system.

The right choice can be based on the specific operational requirements and preferences in your home. Large-scale healthcare establishments may require a system that constantly updates the information, while smaller establishments may be able to operate the emar without requiring a wireless network. Below are some of the benefits and challenges of both online emar and offline emar to help you identify which one would be your best option:

  • Online eMAR – An online Medication Administration Record system operates in real-time. It allows for recording and tracking of all medications administered in real time. In addition, it also enables staff to quickly generate reports and improve the efficiency within your establishment. This means that every employee reviewing eMAR will be viewing the most up to date patient data at any given time.
  • The main disadvantage of an online eMAR system is that it requires a facility to have a robust and often expensive wireless infrastructure.  This is an investment that many facilities and/or Pharmacies are unable to purchase.  In essence, for this reason alone, the offline eMAR solution was created and built to meet this particular challenge.
  • Offline eMAR – The offline version of an electronic Medication Administration Record system is a less expensive option compared to the online version of eMAR. With advanced syncing capabilities, this application allows you to download data from pharmacies and upload updated information (re-orders, changes) to pharmacies. It doesn't require a full network upgrade, making it an inexpensive eMAR solution for different kinds of establishments.
  • Some may favor online eMAR over the offline version because offline eMAR is somewhat limited in terms of real time reporting features. There is some minimal functionality that is not available on the offline eMAR but is available when the system is connected to the internet.

The above mentioned advantages and challenges of each system are very clear.  The decision to implement one system over the other depends on many factors.  Always ensure that there is a long-range plan for making eMAR a successful solution within the organization.

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