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Working with Challenging Families - Stop the Argument

By Len Fabiano  |  31 January 2018


Working with families of our resident population can be challenging at times. Maintaining objectivity when you find yourself repeating or rehashing things of the past is sometimes the most challenging. Although the following is somewhat obvious, getting into what family members may perceive as “arguments” is easy to do.

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Dancing with Dementia

By Len Fabiano  |  15 November 2017


Dancing or caring for a dementia client with challenging behaviors involves complex steps. The complexity is created by two basic issues associated with dementia - the progressive brain damage caused by the disease, and the increasing and ever changing sensitivity to stimuli and environmental factors.

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You are a Family Counselor

By Len Fabiano  |  04 October 2017


You may not have expected that role when you started working with the elderly. It may not be included in your job description. You probably believe that you don’t have the time to do what is needed. You may not even have the skills to deal with what is experienced. Regardless, you are smack dab in the middle of families in crisis.

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Are You Ready for the Future?

By Len Fabiano  |  30 August 2017


Our beliefs or values are established in childhood. Our society has seen a shift in values every decade. This means that the values for the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation were instilled in the 1950's and 60's. When this generation becomes the residents of long term care, they will have a phenomenal impact.

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The Mask of Management in Long Term Care

By Len Fabiano  |  02 August 2017


Most nurses know that their actions, as well as their attitude, continually communicates to patients under their care. Many patients try to read something from our behavior or mannerisms that will tell them how they are doing. The same holds true for managers and their staff. Not all staff are open and assertive enough to ask what we think or feel about subjects pertaining to work. Instead they try to read from us clues that may give them that information.

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