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35 QI & RUGs Webinar is coming soon!

By Haydee Tuazon  |  16 August 2017


We are pleased to announce that our most welcomed 14-part 35 QI & RUGs Webinar series will be repeated this fall starting on the 18th of October.

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Falls Risk in Long Term Care

By Haydee Tuazon  |  09 August 2017


A fall is probably the greatest contributor to the loss of independence and health decline experienced by the elderly. In long term care, preventing falls is no easy task. Our mandate is a precarious balance between encouraging independence and protecting a resident from falling when we are presented with a dichotomy of needs: 

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Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy – Key Gains

By Haydee Tuazon  |  04 December 2013

Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy

As the long-term care and retirement environments become increasingly more complex, ‘smart technology’ is a major key to meeting the needs of Residents in an efficient and safe manner.  Accordingly, when eMAR is successfully integrated with the pharmacy provider, the gains are considerable and include: reduction of medication errors, improvement in all the ‘5 Rs’, time savings for nurses and an overall increase in quality of care.

Benefits of eMAR and Integration with Pharmacy:

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