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Ways to Build Positive Mental Health in Seniors

By Alana Rennie  |  31 July 2018


A person's mental health directly affects his overall quality of life. When seniors suffer from mental health issues, they cannot fully participate in everyday life. A senior can be overwhelmed by sadness, worrisome thoughts, and may give up on life entirely. His mental health can even affect his physical health. From living arrangements to medical concerns, there are special factors for elderly persons that place them at risk for mental health problems.

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Have You Thought About It?

By Alana Rennie  |  25 April 2018


The following is a brief list of who and what the Administrator and Director of Nursing of a long-term care home in Ontario is accountable to:

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MED e-care's e-Learning Video Library

By Alana Rennie  |  22 March 2018


Exciting news! MED e-care is pleased to announce the launch of our new e-Learning Video Library. These free but powerful learning tutorials (from 2 to 20 minutes in length) present the ‘how to’ on using the many features of our EHR modules/software.
Imagine the benefits of having access to this self-learning library:

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This is a Tough Job – Recruitment Challenges!

By Alana Rennie  |  24 January 2018


There is tremendous competition for qualified staff within the health care industry. The causes are many:

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Celebrating You - Retirement Home and Long Term Care

By Alana Rennie  |  07 December 2017


Having fun? There is no question that Retirement Homes and Long Term Care are becoming more complex. In many instances for both industries, there is:

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Don't Resist Change, Embrace It

By Alana Rennie  |  02 November 2017


Change is the norm of our times. It is occurring exponentially. Whether we are asked to change what we do or how we do it, to undertake a project or to implement new software, how we respond to a change request determines how successful we will be.

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Aging in Place – The New Retirement Home

By Alana Rennie  |  29 September 2017


In the past, Retirement Homes focused on the fairly independent elderly – Those who required some assistance with activities of daily living i.e. bathing, medication dispensing. The sell for the homes of the past was on the amenities provided i.e. recreational activities and services, meal selections, transportation, comfortable and attractive living environments, personal grooming services (i.e. hairdresser, manicurist), etc.

Today, many Retirement Homes have undergone a cultural shift to an Aging in Place philosophy. This philosophy allows for a much greater range of services and care options

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The Benefits of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record)

By Alana Rennie  |  13 July 2017


In today’s digital age, several types of software and other time-saving solutions are on the market to help people in myriad industries achieve results in half the time. In the medical industry, that is no different. With the implementation of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records), those in the medical industry can help patients in a fraction of the time and with less errors.

Some benefits of eMAR include the following: 

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