MED e-care Blog

MED e-care Blog

Should Hospitals Get Into Retirement?

Stay a Step Ahead of Diabetes with our Diabetic Order Sets

Celebrating You - Retirement Home and Long Term Care

Technology in Healthcare Versus the Horse and Buggy

How Are You Planning to Spend Your Surplus?

Dancing with Dementia

Generational Values Predict Behaviours and Priorities

Don't Resist Change, Embrace It

Are Your Residents Compliant With Self-administered Medication?

Dementia: Discussing Tomorrow's Needs and Challenges for Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes Today

Upcoming Events at MED e-care

Critical Thinking: Strengthening Your Muscles

You are a Family Counselor

Aging in Place – The New Retirement Home

Marketing Strategies for Retirement Home

Organizational Cultures are Fragile

Are You Ready for the Future?

Branding in Long-Term Care: Reinforcing the Message

35 QI & RUGs Webinar is coming soon!

Falls Risk in Long Term Care

The Mask of Management in Long Term Care

What Makes a Retirement Home Successful?

3 Technology Benefits for Social Care Facilities

The Benefits of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record)

MED e-care Simple Migration

How to Implement EHRs in Your Care Facility / Comment mettre en œuvre des dossiers de santé électronique (DSE) dans votre établissement de soins de santé

EHR Implementation: How to Train Your Staff

How Does an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Boost Productivity?

The New Care Plan for Retirement Homes

eMAR Advantages in a Nutshell

eMAR and the Resident - Ensuring Quality Care / eFAM et le Résident – Assurer des soins de qualité

eMAR - The Nurse Perspective

Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy – Key Gains

eMAR Rules! Increased Efficiency for Administrators

eMAR: The New Revolution of Medication Administration

Online MAR vs Offline MAR – What is The Difference?

eMAR in Retirement Homes – Why ‘Yes’ Is the Answer

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