MED e-care Blog

MED e-care Blog

Dancing with Dementia

Generational Values Predict Behaviours and Priorities

Don't Resist Change, Embrace It

Are Your Residents Compliant With Self-administered Medication?

Dementia: Discussing Tomorrow's Needs and Challenges for Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes Today

Upcoming Events at MED e-care

Critical Thinking: Strengthening Your Muscles

You are a Family Counselor

Aging in Place – The New Retirement Home

Marketing Strategies for Retirement Home

Organizational Cultures are Fragile

Are You Ready for the Future?

Branding in Long-Term Care: Reinforcing the Message

35 QI & RUGs Webinar is coming soon!

Falls Risk in Long Term Care

The Mask of Management in Long Term Care

What Makes a Retirement Home Successful?

3 Technology Benefits for Social Care Facilities

The Benefits of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record)

MED e-care Simple Migration

How to Implement EHRs in Your Care Facility / Comment mettre en œuvre des dossiers de santé électronique (DSE) dans votre établissement de soins de santé

EHR Implementation: How to Train Your Staff

How Does an Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Boost Productivity?

The New Care Plan for Retirement Homes

eMAR Advantages in a Nutshell

eMAR and the Resident - Ensuring Quality Care / eFAM et le Résident – Assurer des soins de qualité

eMAR - The Nurse Perspective

Integrating eMAR with Pharmacy – Key Gains

eMAR Rules! Increased Efficiency for Administrators

eMAR: The New Revolution of Medication Administration

Online MAR vs Offline MAR – What is The Difference?

eMAR in Retirement Homes – Why ‘Yes’ Is the Answer

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