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Top Retirement Home Trends in 2018

By Brad Whittaker  |  24 September 2018


2018 is a year for developing new concepts for all industries, and that also means new predictions retirement home trends in Canada. Based on some research and study from various trusted sources, here is a breakdown of some of these major trends posed to shape the industry over the next few months:

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Personalized Care Approaches to Improve Resident Experience

By Jing Chen  |  30 August 2018


For an improved resident experience, it's essential that you engage the participants in making crucial decisions about their life. Thus, a personalized care system insists that the medical team become trustworthy and deliver safe and quality services for the patients for a long-lived resident experience. For this, the patients will exhibit satisfaction with the services. The approaches to adopt are:

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Calculating Return on EHR Investment

By Cynthia Hood  |  14 August 2018


A recent survey done by the National Physician Survey derived that physicians in Canada believe that electronic medical records enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The value of EHRs is gaining traction, and more facilities like retirement communities are investing in them.

Special care facilities that cater to residents who need long-term care may find it difficult to invest in an EHR system due to the hefty initial costs. Fortunately, these systems improve the accuracy of coding and boost overall productivity which means the initial investment gets recovered eventually. If you are considering implementing an EHR system, several factors will help you determine the return on investment:

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Ways to Build Positive Mental Health in Seniors

By Alana Rennie  |  31 July 2018


A person's mental health directly affects his overall quality of life. When seniors suffer from mental health issues, they cannot fully participate in everyday life. A senior can be overwhelmed by sadness, worrisome thoughts, and may give up on life entirely. His mental health can even affect his physical health. From living arrangements to medical concerns, there are special factors for elderly persons that place them at risk for mental health problems.

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Hydration in Seniors

By Brad Whittaker  |  20 July 2018


Not taking enough fluids, especially during warm weather, can pose severe health problems for anyone, but the elderly in particular are at higher risks of dehydration. If severe dehydration goes unchecked, it can lead to seizures because of electrolyte imbalance, a reduction in the blood volume, kidney failure, inflammation, coma or even death. 

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The Future of Home Care in Canada

By Cynthia Hood  |  09 July 2018


The popularity of chronic diseases, an aging population, increasing doctor acceptance of home health care, medical developments, and the drive toward cost-effective treatment alternatives from private and public payers have all promoted the growth of home healthcare market. Over the last few years up to 2018, the revenue of this industry is expected to rise at an annual rate of 3.40% to 93.4 billion dollars, including a growth of 3.10% in 2018 alone. 

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Five Most Used Technologies in Assisted Living Communities

By Brad Whittaker  |  03 July 2018

tech in assisted living

Contrary to what most people think, baby boomers are actually knowledgeable on computer stuff. Baby boomers, in this context, refers to elderly people. Elderly people are increasingly using the Internet and other exciting technologies. Discussed below are five of the technologies that individuals in assisted living systems frequently use.

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Ways to Improve Quality Life for Seniors in Canada

By Cynthia Hood  |  13 June 2018


Canada remains one of the countries with high life expectancy. The Canadian homes for seniors are responsible for many Canadian elders living past 80 years. The improved living environment in the elderly home together with other measures contribute to the healthy living of the seniors. Below are some ways that result in the quality living.

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How to Reduce the Medication Errors in Nursing Home

By Jing Chen  |  08 June 2018


There has been a trend in the recent years to take up electronic medication management (EMM) systems. Many homes are looking to improve the medication oversight process and its possible outcomes. Since medicine the medicine at homes is administered by people, medication errors occur at some point. By employing a system such as eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) we not only ensure that preventable medical errors don’t occur, but also achieve a whole host of advantages.

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The Status Quo of Employee Retention in Canada Senior Care Industry

By Brad Whittaker  |  17 May 2018


The senior population requiring continued care support in Canada is highly increasing. By the year 2026, more than 2.4 million senior Canadians of 65 years and above will require care support offered by the senior care organisations. This is up by 71% from the year 2011. By the year 2046; the number will be approaching 3.3 million. The spending on the senior citizens is highly increasing from an approximated $29.3 billion in the year 2011 to approximately $184.2 billion by 2016. This spending is outrageously exceeding the revenue growth. On the other hand, the labour demand at this point will far much be above the labour force growth.

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